I am a chemist and budding biologist who runs and bikes.

On this tumblr, you will find stories of my trials and triumphs and adventures in running and biking, music and yoga and Buddhism, nature photos and science geekery and the occasional kitty spam. I also love traveling and reading and food.

My food tumblr is ex-perimentals.

  • Next week’s training

    Next week (17 March-22 March), I plan to do run/walk intervals for at least 3 runs this week, no matter what the mileage ends up being. I also hope to run 6 days this week, I need to up my mileage to reach my monthly goal.

    Sun: easy 3 miles

    Mon: run/walk intervals 12/3 x3

    Tues: same as Mon

    Wed: REST DAY

    Thurs: same as Mon 

    Fri: 3 miles

    Sat: 3 miles

    Hopefully this week will be better. Happy running! 

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