I am a chemist and budding biologist who runs and bikes.

On this tumblr, you will find stories of my trials and triumphs and adventures in running and biking, music and yoga and Buddhism, nature photos and science geekery and the occasional kitty spam. I also love traveling and reading and food.

My food tumblr is ex-perimentals.

  • This week’s training

    Not going hard this week, as I have been experiencing some pain in my body, most in my upper body and my left knee has been a bit on the wonky side.  Nothing a little rest and ibuprofen can’t handle, but I like to be cautious with these things.

    I am still going to try for 5 days training with 3 to 4 miles per run, just not going to stress the speed.  And if I have to walk some, I will walk. My aim is to go out and do it, that’s all.  I don’t want to stress my body too much and hurt myself or be in a position where I won’t be able to train anymore. I still consider myself more of a sprinter, than a long distance runner, so I have to take it slow (although I seem to be getting slower everyday >_>).

    Ah, there I go rambling again, this is longer than I intended anyway, here’s the schedule:

    Mon — 12 min running /3 walking (3 times)

    Tues— 3 miles easy

    Wed — REST DAY

    Thurs— 4 miles easy

    Fri — same as Mon

    Sat —REST DAY

    Well, I’m off to bed.  5am comes way too early. Buenas noches!

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